Book: I film in tasca. Videofonino, cinema e televisione, edited by Maurizio Ambrosini, Giovanna Maina, Elena Marcheschi. Pisa: Felici 2009, pp. 105-127.


Language: Italian

This article is part of an anthology on mobile phones as means of film production and consumption I edited with Maurizio Ambrosini and Elena Marcheschi (University of Pisa). My chapter is dedicated to mobile pornography in its early days (before the “mainstreaming” of smartphones). It starts with a survey on the relationship between technology and pornography, and with a description of mobile porn as a “disruptive innovation” (according to Piet Bakker and Saara Taalas’ statement). Then, notwithstanding the difficulties in finding information and data (due to the nature of the subject), I tried to trace the historical development of pre-3G mobile porn in Europe and the USA, also outlining its distinctive features and describing its controversial relation to the mobile business in general.