Giovanna Maina is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Sunderland (UK). She is currently working on a Marie Curie IEF funded research project titled Degradation or Empowerment? Challenging Stereotypes About Women in Porn. She is the author of essays in anthologies and in academic journals (Cinéma & Cie: International Film Studies Journal, Comunicazioni Sociali, Bianco e Nero, Rue Descartes). She is a member of the editorial staff of Cinéma & Cie: International Film Studies Journal and joint editor for the Porn Forum section of the journal Porn Studies. She edited I film in tasca. Videofonino, cinema e televisione (2009, with Maurizio Ambrosini and Elena Marcheschi), Il porno espanso. Dal cinema ai nuovi media (2011, with Enrico Biasin and Federico Zecca), and Porn After Porn: Contemporary Alternative Pornographies (2014, with Enrico Biasin and Federico Zecca). Since 2009, she has been one of the coordinators of the Porn Studies section of the MAGIS Gorizia International Film Studies Spring School, University of Udine (Italy).